01. About Short Round Supply

JShort Round Supply Company was funded by a couple of gun nerds, who also happen to be slightly nerdy in general. What they find the gun industry lacks for the most part is quite simply summed up in one word. Relatability. The modern firearms enthusiast isn’t like the gun owners of yesteryear. Chances are, you didn’t grow up shooting on Papaw’s farm every summer after you finished milking the cows and shearing sheep. More likely, you grew up playing Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, and maybe even Metal Gear Solid. You watched terrorists attack our Country on 9/11, and answered the call to arms. You may have never handled a firearm, or grew up in a household fundamentally opposed to guns, but now you see the value in being able to protect yourself. Or maybe, just maybe, you shoot for nothing more than the pure enjoyment of hitting the target and the smell of burnt gunpowder. Basically, you’re unique, and want a shopping experience to match you’re unique situation.


Hold on to your potatoes! – Short Round